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Our Experience with Makati Medical Center

On the evening of September 11, 2017, Jhon and I brought our son Jaden to the ER of St. Luke’s Medical Center – Global City because he had rashes all over his body. We found out that he was allergic to monggo beans. He ate some monggo bread in the afternoon before he took a nap, and when he woke up at 6pm, he had rashes on his face. After an hour, the rashes started to spread all over his body, so we decided to take him to the ER. He didn’t have a fever or swelling of the eyes and lips, so the doctor just gave him anti-allergy medicine through injection and observed him for an hour. He was discharged with take-home medications (Cetirizine 2.5ml twice a day), but we were advised to bring him back to the ER if he would have fever or swelling of the eyes and lips.

On September 14 upon waking up in the morning, I noticed that Jaden’s eyes were swelling. I got scared because he might not be able to see if the swelling will continue, so we decided to bring him back to the hospital. Jaden’s pediatrician in St. Luke’s was out of the country, so we brought him to his other pedia in Makati Medical Center. 

We went straight to the ER and Jaden was assisted by the ER doctor. He took Jaden’s vital signs and he asked me what happened. As I was explaining that we brought him to St. Luke’s 3 days ago, he looked at me in a dull way and asked, “eh bakit dito nyo dinala? Bakit di nyo binalik sa St. Luke’s?” I found that question rude and unprofessional, considering the way he asked it. The same thing happened, they just administered an anti-allergy medicine through injection and observed Jaden for an hour. An hour has passed but Jaden’s eyes were still swelling. I didn’t know what to do because the ER doctor wasn’t nice and approachable. Then Jhon remembered that his nephew is working at Makati Med, so he looked for him. His nephew Mark talked to one of the doctors in the ER and explained the scenario. The doctor approached us and said that she’ll refer us to a pedia allergologist. Finally, there was a nice doctor who talked to us.
After a few minutes, a resident pedia of Dra. Ma. Belen Posadas did a physical check-up on Jaden. 2 nurses came in and they got Jaden’s height and BP. They asked a few questions, and they advised us that Jaden needs to be admitted for further observation. The nurse gave the admission slip and told me to go to the Admission Area to get a room for Jaden. 

I went to the Admission Area at 5:30pm, and I was assisted at 6:30pm because there were quite a lot of people. I got a semi-private room. It’s just like a small private room, but the restroom is located outside. It costs Php2200 per day. The Admission Area window 3 employee who assisted me was nice and precise. She explained everything I need to know about admission and billing. I went back to the ER to give the papers to the ER nurse, and we were transferred to our room after 30 minutes. 

The room was clean and above what I expected of a semi-private room. The common restroom was also clean and never ran out of tissue. The nurses were also approachable and prompt in attending to my son’s needs. The food also tasted good, though it sometimes wasn’t brought to our room on time. The Avega Intellicare representative went to our room every morning to update us of the current running bill. He also gave us an Intellicare teddy bear which they call Intellibear. 

We stayed in the hospital for 4 days and our final bill was Php18,865.24 excluding the doctor’s professional fee. The whole amount was covered by our HMO which is Avega Managed Care, Inc. 

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NICU: Unihealth Parañaque Hospital and Medical Center

Since I gave birth at 34 weeks and 4 days, my baby had to stay in the NICU. She couldn’t breathe without oxygen, and she would only drink 10cc of milk per day. The nurses inserted an IV so she won’t get dehydrated, and that’s also where they administered the antibiotics because she had an infection that she got from me, because I had an untreated UTI before I gave birth (I didn’t know I had UTI). 

They did quite a lot of laboratory tests to determine the infection and to rule out sepsis. They performed chest x-ray and blood chemistry. 

Everyday they would try to take off the oxygen to see if my baby can breathe without it, but then her heart rate would drop, so they had to put it back on. 

My baby was left in the NICU when I was discharged, so we just visited her everyday eventhough the travel time from our house to the hospital is about an hour and a half. The pedia and the nurses gave me updates through text messages and phone calls as well. 

After 4 days, my baby can finally breathe without oxygen, so the nurses took it off. They also informed me that based on the labtest result, my baby was negative of sepsis! My baby’s feeding also improved as she can drink 1oz of milk every 3 hours. 🙏 Although, the pedia said my baby had to stay under a blue light because her skin color is too yellowish.

On July 20th, our baby was allowed to go home with us! The NICU nurse gave me instructions before discharge because the pedia wasn’t in the hospital at that time. 

The NICU nurses were all nice and I’m happy that they took care of my baby Julianna while she stayed in the NICU. I’m also happy that they texted or called me everyday to give me updates so I didn’t worry too much. The pedia was also approachable as she responded quite quickly to my text messages.

My baby Julianna stayed in the NICU for 7 days, and her total bill was Php54,101.20. We were able to use her Philhealth so we got a deduction of Php10,630. Her bill went down to Php43,471.20.

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My 2nd Birthing Story: Unihealth Parañaque Hospital and Medical Center

I was only 34 weeks and 4 days pregnant when I gave birth to my second baby. Premature by almost 3 weeks. 

I’ve been so sensitive throughout my pregnancy journey. I’d been taking Isoxilan every 6 hours because I’ve always had episodes of spotting and contractions. I was even adviced by my OB-Gyn to stay on complete bedrest. 

On July 12, 2017, at around 12nn, my stomach started to hurt after I had my lunch. I ignored it because I thought I only ate too much rice. At 4pm I ate ice cream, then my stomach started to hurt again. It was so painful I started to cry. Jhon packed our stuff and decided to take me to the hospital. He texted my OB-Gyn, Dra. Kim D. Mantolino, and she advised us to go to Unihealth- Parañaque Hospital and Medical Center. 

We arrived at the ER at 6pm and they brought me to the labor room right away. They took my urine sample then they put a device on my stomach to monitor my baby’s heartbeat and contractions. The heartbeat was okay, but I was having contractions every 3-4 minutes. The OB conducted an IE and said I was at 2cm. They adviced me that I will be admitted for further monitoring because I was already on labor. 

Jhon got us a room and he paid a downpayment of Php5000.

The nurse inserted the IV with Isoxilan then they gave me 2 injections of steroids for my baby’s lungs to mature. They also gave me 2 injections of medicine that will sedate me so the contractions will weaken. After an hour, they said that I have UTI so they also had to give me antibiotics through IV, but they did a skin test first to make sure I wasn’t allergic to the antibiotic they’ll give.   At 2am, the OB conducted another IE. I was already at 4cm.

I stayed in the labor room for 14 hours because I was still having contractions every 3-4 minutes eventhough I was already sedated and given Isoxilan. Jhon and Jaden stayed in our room. 

At 8am the next day, the nurses brought me to my room because the contractions started to weaken and I stayed at 4cm. 

I was closely monitored by the nurses every hour. I was having bloody discharge and there was also blood everytime I pee. At 4pm, my OB-Gyn checked on me and she adviced me that I need to stay on complete bedrest to prevent the contractions from happening. 

At 5:30PM, my water broke. I was lying down then I felt that my bed was so wet. I immediately informed my OB-Gyn and the nurses brought me back to the labor room. There was no way we could stop my baby from coming out. I really had to give birth that same day. My doctor ordered the nurses to remove Isoxilan from my IV and they replaced it with Oxytocin for contractions. They also gave me 3 vials of Buscopan. When my OB-Gyn conducted an IE, I was already at 5cm. The contractions were really painful. I didn’t know what to do to stop the pain. I asked for epidural but my doctor said it was too early to give me epidural because the contractions might stop. After more than an hour of pain, I started to cry. My doctor called the anesthesiologist at 8pm because I was at 6cm. They brought me to the delivery room and that’s where the epidural was administered. I felt relieved after 10 minutes. The pain started to go away and I was able to smile again. I took a rest for an hour then the pain started to go back. At 10pm, I was at 9cm. The nurses started to position my feet on the right place because I was about to give birth. The anesthesiologist gave me another shot of anesthesia while my OB-Gyn was instructing me to push. 

On July 13, 2017, I gave birth via Normal Spontaneous Delivery at exactly 10:37PM. 

The nurses brought me to the recovery room and  my baby was brought to the nursery for further checking since I gave birth prematurely. I stayed in the recovery room for 2 hours. Then a nurse brought my baby to the recovery room so she can breastfeed. The pedia was also there and she told me that my baby will be brought to my room at 2am.

I was brought back to my room at 1am and I waited for an hour for my baby to be roomed-in, then the NICU nurse said she’ll bring my baby to my room at 4am because they were still monitoring her. At 4am, the nurses asked Jhon to go to the NICU. That’s when they said that my baby’s respiratory rate started to rise. The normal rate for a newborn is 40-60, but my baby’s respiratory rate was at 70-80. She needed oxygen as support. They also inserted an IV on her because she had an infection and they need to give her antibiotics. She also needed to have chest x-ray and blood culture to determine if the infection is in her lungs or blood. The pedia needed to rule out sepsis. 

I was so worried when Jhon explained it to me. I wanted to go to the NICU but the nurse told me to sleep first and visit my baby when I wake up. So I went to sleep and I woke up at 10am. I ate my breakfast and went to the NICU to check on my baby.

She is the most beautiful baby girl I have ever seen. It broke my heart to see her like that. It hurt me even more when the pedia told me that she needs to stay in the NICU for 7 days for further monitoring. I was allowed to stay there for an hour. I tried to latch but she didn’t want to. She only wanted to sleep the whole time. 

I went back to my room after an hour. I had my lunch and took a rest because my pain medications were making me dizzy. My OB-Gyn went to my room at 3pm and gave me discharge instructions. She said I can go home before lunch the next day. 

On July 15th, before 12nn, Jhon settled the bill so we could go home. We stayed in the hospital for 3 days, and our total bill was Php50,291.31. I was able to use my Philhealth so we got a deduction of Php5,000. Our bill went down to Php45,291.31

We went to the NICU again to visit our baby Julianna. The pedia said she still can’t breathe without oxygen, but at least she was negative of sepsis. They got my phone number and asked me to sign an acknowledgment letter that baby Julianna will be staying in the NICU for further monitoring. 

So far, her running bill is at Php28,000. They told us to prepare at least Php40,000 for the whole 7 days. 

We then went to the Medical Records Department for Julianna’s birth certificate encoding. I signed the papers and we were adviced that since Jhon and I are not married, we’ll need to go to the city hall to register Julianna’s birth certificate because we still need to submit our cedula and a notarized letter. We’ll get the signed certificate on July 21, 2017. I didn’t like their policy because when I gave birth to Jaden at St. Clare’s Hospital and Medical Center, we didn’t have to process the registration of his birth certificate eventhough Jhon and I are not married. The hospital staff processed it and there was no hassle for us. 

I’ll be visiting baby Julianna everyday at the NICU. Their visiting hours are 12nn-1pm and 5pm-6pm. 

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Leaders International Christian School of Manila, Inc: Nursery 2

Earlier this year, while Jhon was driving along C5 Road Buting, I saw a billboard of Leaders International Christian School. I texted the number indicated on the billboard (0917-6738878) to inquire about their tuition for nursery because I was considering that school for Jaden. They replied and asked for my email address so they can send me the tuition list. After 3 days, I got this on my email:

So it’s gonna be Php133,000 per year for Jaden. I saved it for reference because Jaden will be going to school next school year. 

Around the 2nd week of May, I got a phone call from one of their staff. They’re inviting us to attend the 1-week trial classes for Nursery 2 & 3, it will be from June 5-June9, 9am-10:30am. So I marked it on my calendar so that we can see how Jaden interacts with other kids, and how the teachers handle toddlers in the classroom.

Last Monday was the first day of trial classes. We arrived in the school at 9:05AM. The security guard gave us a small slip with Jaden’s name written on it, and we waited in the lobby. The trial class started at 9:30AM because they waited for more kids to come in.

At 9:30AM, the teacher approached us to bring Jaden inside the classroom. I accompanied Jaden inside for a few minutes then I left, but he didn’t cry or look for me at all! 😂 The teachers took it from there. Jhon and I waited in the lobby with the other parents, but there we can see our kids from the small glass on the door. 

The teachers were hands-on with the kids, and they handled tantrums really well. They were really patient and they even pampered and hugged Jaden when he threw tantrums because of a toy he didn’t want to share with the other kid. 

The school was also clean and secured. The teachers were nice and approachable. This school has always been the first on my list, but now I guess I’ll be enrolling Jaden here. It’s also a plus factor that it’s located near our house. The school is located in Bayani Road, Taguig City. 

Their classes for school year 2017-2018 will start on August 1, 2017.

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Mesa Filipino Moderne, SM Aura Premier

Yesterday, we went to SM Aura to have our team lunch. We were supposed to eat in Tamarind, but their airconditioning units were broken and it was so hot inside the restaurant, so we decided to eat in Mesa Filipino Moderne. It’s located on the 5th floor of SM Aura Premier. 

There were 9 of us in the group, so we decided to order their Set Menu Package B, which was good for 10-12 people. It costs Php4500. We also added 3 bowls of binagoong rice in our order. For the drinks, we ordered 3 ripe mango shakes, 1 pineapple juice, 1 bottomless lemonade, and 4 bottomless iced tea. 

Ripe Mango Shake
Binagoong Rice
Suahe on the Rocks
Crispy Boneless Tilapia
Boneless Crispy Pata
Garlic Chicken and Garlic Rice
Tinapa Rolls Wrapped in Lettuce

These were the food included in their Package B set menu. There were also 3 small bowls of Laing. We were all full and satisfied with what we ate. The food taste so good. It’s worth the price! I’ll definitely come back and eat here next time. 
There was also a free bibingka with candle for our squad lead because it was her birthday. The waiters sang for her and let her blow the candle, too. 

Cozy place, good customer service, delicious food, free wifi access. I would rate it 4.5 out of 5. Definitely a recommended restaurant to eat at.

Our total bill was Php5,950. Not bad for 9 satisfied tummies! 😄👍

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My 1st Birthing Story: St. Clare’s Medical Center-Makati

I gave birth to my first baby on March 31, 2015 in St. Clare’s Medical Center-Makati. Right now I’m 26 weeks pregnant and I just thought about my first birthing experience. Let me share the details with you to the best of what I can remember 😁

I was supposed to have my prenatal check-up on March 31, 2015 at 2pm. Jhon and I were about to eat lunch at 11:30am when my water bag broke. He immediately took the baby bag and brought me to St. Clare’s Medical Center in Dian St., Palanan, Makati City. While on the way, he called my OB-Gyne, Dra. Kim Dela Rosa-Mantolino, to tell her that my water bag broke. 

We’ve reached the hospital at 12noon and I was assisted in the ER. The nurses interviewed me and made me sign some papers that I don’t remember what for. They also inserted the IV line and made me wear the hospital gown. They told Jhon to pay the deposit of Php15,000 at the Billing Area, then they brought me to the labor room at 12:30pm.

At the labor room, there was a different OB-Gyne who conducted an IE on me because Dra. Kim was still in Borough Medical Clinic-MOA. She told me I was at 2cm. There was another machine that the nurses used to monitor my baby’s heartbeat, and they also put oxygen in my nose. I started to cry because of the intense pain. When my OB-Gyne arrived, I told her that I can’t tolerate the pain anymore. She told me that she can order to give me epidural anesthesia when I reach 4cm. She ordered the nurse to give me Buscopan through IV. She talked to Jhon about giving me an epidural because my pain tolerance is low to none. Jhon enetered the labor room to check on me for 5 minutes. The pain was no joke. I thought I was gonna die. My tummy contracts every 2 minutes and it was reaaally freaking painful. The nurses and anesthesiologist were trying to calm me down and stop me from crying. 

In the labor room! 😆
At 2:30PM, I reached 4cm. The anesthesiologist started to give me epidural with the help of 4 nurses. It was so painful because the needle was big, but when the epidural was given to me, I felt numb after 10 minutes. I fell asleep at 3pm. 

At 7:30PM, Dra. Kim woke me up and told me I was already at 8cm and she taught me the right way of pushing my baby down. She told me to give my full force without opening my mouth and making any sound, and hold my breath for 10 seconds until she tells me to let go. 

After a few minutes, the nurses transferred me to the delivery room. There were 6 nurses, an anesthesiologist and a pediatrician inside the delivery room. I wasn’t feeling any pain because of the epidural. I was awake the whole time. After 4 pushes, I finally gave birth via NSD. Baby out 7:46PM, placenta out 7:49PM! 😍😁 It was a bouncing handsome baby boy!😍❤️

The nurses and the pedia cleaned my son while my OB-Gyne stitched me. I could feel the needle and thread but there was no pain at all. 

They brought Jaden to me to breastfeed for the first time and we took pictures! 😊

After that, they brought Jaden outside to show him to Jhon and bring him to the Nursery.

I was brought to the Recovery Room and stayed there for an hour, then the nurses brought me to my room where Jhon waited.

Jaden was roomed-in after 24 hours. 

We stayed in the hospital for 2 days. Our total bill was Php54,000. I wasn’t able to use my Philhealth for the discount because I wasn’t able to have the CF1 Form signed by our company HR. 

We went home on April 2, 2015 at 11am. We were given the documents and other stuff for remembrance, which I found really nice. ☺️

My overall experience with St. Clare’s Medical Center was fine. The nurses were all nice and prompt to attend to my needs, the facilities were okay, the room was clean, and the food they served weren’t bad at all. I’m planning to give birth here again to my second baby, although I’m also considering giving birth at Unihealth Parañaque Hospital and Medical Center because my OB-Gyn is also affiliated there and she told me it’s a new hospital. I think they’ve only been established 2 years ago. The maternity package there is also cheaper compared to St. Clare’s because my sister-in-law gave birth there yesterday via CS and her total bill was only Php58,000. Their NSD rate would probably be just around 35k-45k.

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Zoori: Zoo at Residence Inn Tagaytay

The first time I went to Zoori was in Christmas 2007, when I was 14 years old. I went there with my mom and siblings, my aunt and cousins. We didn’t go back there after that because it was quite far from our house in Las Piñas City. 

Last Friday, March 31, 2017, was my son’s 2nd birthday. I had to go to work that day so we just ate out after my work and decided that we’ll go to Tagaytay Zoo the next day.

Yesterday, April 1, 2017, we went to Tagaytay with my brother-in-law and his wife. Since none of us knew how to go there, we used Waze. We left our house at 9:30am and we arrived in the zoo at 11am. We took the SLEX-Silang way going to Tagaytay. 

There was no parking fee. Along the parking area were a few souvenir stores. I bought a blue Tagaytay t-shirt and 2 toy cars for Jaden. The shirt was sold for Php150 and the toy cars were sold for 100 pesos. 

The entrance fee was Php249/head for adults. Kids 3ft and below can come in for free. 

Jaden took a picture with the giant chimpanzee (I’m not really sure if it’s a Chimpanzee 😅) display near the entrance. He thought it was a real “Moymoy” (that’s what he calls all kinds of monkeys 😅)

We took pictures with the birds. The fee was Php20 per head.

We decided to eat lunch first since we were already hungry. We ate at the restaurant inside the zoo. The view was beautiful and the food was amazing. We ordered the Grilled Boodle for Four, it came with 4 free small glasses of iced tea.

After eating, we walked around the zoo to look at the animals. We fed the camel and donkeys, too. There were different types of monkeys, birds, iguanas, horses, donkeys, camels, lions, tigers, wild pigs, crocodiles, snakes, fishes, and many more.

We wanted to ride the cable car because it was only for Php150 per head, but I wasn’t allowed because I’m pregnant.

There was a free magic show that started at 1pm, we watched for a while.

We then took pictures with the python. The fee was Php50 per head.

After that, we also took pictures with the tiger for Php50 per head.

We walked around and took some more pictures before going out of the zoo.

We bought 2 packs of Pastillas from the lady vendor who looked after our car while we were in the zoo. She sold it for Php35 per pack.

It was a fun day and I’m really happy that my son had fun touching and looking at the animals. It was indeed a happy birthday. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my son happy.

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Issues of Connection

Today in church, the pastor preached about issues of connection with God. We learned that a strong connection with God is very important in life. Every word, every preaching, every bible verse hit me straight in the heart. It hit me so hard that I want to blog about it and share it with readers as it can also help them in their lives.

Many times we pray to God asking him to make us rich, to give us financial freedom. But we get too busy with our jobs or businesses that we forget to connect to Him. We don’t go to church on Sundays for so many reasons. This is why for most people, they work so hard all their lives but it still feels like they are not prospering at all. Money is still tight, financial freedom is still a dream that seems quite impossible to achieve. This might sound funny for some people but this is true: 

“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” -Matthew 6:33

If you put God first, he will supply all your needs and you will never feel as if you’re trapped in poverty. 

Let me share with you some of my favorite bible verses that I’ve learned since I was in high school:
John 15:5

5 “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.
Philippians 4:19

19 And my God will meet all your needsaccording to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.
Jeremiah 29:11

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Numbers 14:28

28 So tell them, ‘As surely as I live’, declares the Lord, ‘I will do to you the very thing I heard you say.’
I’ve kept these verses in my mind and heart, and these have honestly helped me in times when I feel like giving up, or when I feel like I couldn’t see any bright future ahead of me. Nobody in the world lives without problems. We all have problems. But if we are with God, we will overcome these problems, and with strong faith, hard work, patience, and a good attitude, we will surely live in prosperity in God’s perfect time.

Your connection determines your supply. If you have a strong connection with God, you need not worry about the supplication of all your needs.

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Mind your own family.

I can’t believe how some people would go as far as making up stories to degrade someone else and make themselves look great.

I, together with my partner and son went to our church’s worship service last Sunday, February 26, 2017. It lasted for almost 2 hours then we had our weekly life group meeting. Our son was in the children’s room while Jhon and I were in the meeting for 30 minutes. 

There was a person assigned to look after the kids in the room, however, after our 30-minute life group meeting, we went to the children’s room and didn’t see our son. Jhon rushed outside to look for our son and to his shock, Jaden was at the edge of the stairway. He could’ve fallen down the stairs if Jhon didn’t see him right away. The person who was assigned to look after the kids just smiled at us and blamed our son for running around! 

Anyway, just last night, I found out that a relative of Jhon’s saw Jaden at the edge of the stairway and didn’t even bother to take him back to the room. He went telling other people that Jhon saw Jaden at the edge of the stairway and didn’t mind him! That is just plain bullshit! I was behind Jhon so I saw how he rushed to the stairway when he saw our son there. I just don’t understand how his relative could spread false stories about him. 

Jhon’s relative, who is a year older than him, just had his 1st daughter who is only 6 months old but he talks and acts as if he is the best dad in the world, and he always criticizes the way Jhon takes care of our son. I can’t accept how he degrades Jhon’s parenting skills just to make himself look like a great dad, like he’s the ONLY good dad in the whole world. Our son is 23 months old, his daughter is only 6 months old. It only means that we have more experience on parenting compared to him, but he thinks he’s the only one who’s alwas right. I hate such arrogance and hypocrisy. 

Each parent has his/her own way of taking care of his/her child, so it’s very wrong to criticize and compare and spread false stories about other parents. No parent ever wants their child to be in danger so let’s just mind our own family. 

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Another Rude GrabCar Driver Story

Last night at 6pm, we went to Robinson’s Galleria in Ortigas because my partner had to get his GetGo card from the Cebu Pacific ticketing office. He didn’t want to drive because of the traffic, so we just booked an UberX. 

After getting his GetGo card, we went to cd-r king buy a new charger for my phone, then we went to Toys ‘R Us to buy some new toys for Jaden. We walked around the mall then my partner saw one of his old friends so they had a little chit-chat. We then had dinner at Pizza Hut.

It was almost 9pm when we finished eating, then we went to the department store and Payless Shoesource to look for new shoes to buy. Jaden got a little grumpy because he was probably already tired, so we decided to go home.

I told my partner that I’ll book an UberX, then he said that Grab sent him a promo code NIGHTSHIFT that he can use to have 50% discount from the total fare. I told him that Grab drivers are rude when riders use promo codes, but he insisted on booking a GrabCar. So I let him do so. 

5 minutes after he booked, a driver accepted the booking. Based on the Grab app, he was 10 minutes away. We waited for him outside TGI Friday’s. My partner sent him a text message asking where he was, but he receieved no response. He tried to call the driver, but the driver wasn’t picking up. He tried to call the driver again, and this time the driver’s phone was unreachable. Obviously, he turned off his phone. After 5 minutes, my partner tried to call him again and he picked up. He said that his phone “hung” and the booking was “cancelled in error.” I knew what was happening. I talked to the driver and told him that I know he cancelled the booking on purpose because of the promo code. He then said that he didn’t do it on purpose then he dropped the call and turned off his phone. Another time got wasted because of a Grab driver. AGAIN.

I know that this has been going on because GrabCar drivers hate promo codes. I’m a member of one of their Facebook group pages, and I can read all of their complaints regarding the promo codes. One driver even called riders “promo-whores.” Some said that those people who use promo codes are mere social climbers. Then I read one comment saying that he automatically cancels the booking when he sees a promo code. And when his cancellation rate rises, he accepts the booking then cancels after a few minutes, and tells the rider that his phone battery got drained or the Grab app hung and the booking was cancelled in error. They do everything to avoid promo codes because, according to them, they can’t convert it to cash.

It’s such a shame how rude GrabCar drivers can be. Grab keeps on giving promo codes to riders but the drivers keeps on cancelling bookings with promo codes which only cause too much hassle and waste of time for riders.

After that incident, my partner booked for another GrabCar which was accepted after 2 minutes. He didn’t cancel the booking so we were able to ride a GrabCar going home. The driver, however, didn’t give us the exact change amount. Our total bill was Php172. I paid Php200 and he gave me only Php20.00 change. I know that 9pesos is only a small amount but it was the driver’s respect and integrity that we were looking at. So it seems he was a former taxi driver that’s why he’s like that. I’ve had enough unfortunate experiences with GrabCar drivers. 

Never again, Grab. Never again.