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BDO Cash Accept Machine ate up my money!!!

Okay! So this is probably one of the worst things I could ever experience with banking!!! I went to BDO Ecotower in Bonifacio Global City Taguig to deposit money using the cash accept machine, and it just ate up my money!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2016, 8:30pm. It was a weekend. It was an evening. I needed to desposit money to my friend’s account as payment to the phone she is selling. She has a bank account with BDO. What more convenient way can I think of? I thought of just sending her the money the next day, first thing in the morning. But then I remembered, BDO has a cash accept machine. I saw one in Ecotower BGC because that’s where I work. 

So I went there, chose Cardless Transaction, then chose Peso Savings, and keyed in my friend’s bank account number. The cash accept machine opened and I put my money in. It was Php9500. The machine kept on making weird sounds and it was taking a long time to process. Then after a few minutes, I got an error message on the CAM screen saying “account does not exist.” I texted my friend and she told me that it was a cash card account. So I waited for the machine to dispense my money but I only got Php100.00!! The machine ate up my Php9400!!! And of course what could make a bad situation worse?! There was no security guard! I was crying and waited for about 10 minutes for the machine to dispense my money, to no avail. So I went inside the building and asked the guard if I could use the telephone to call BDO. 

So I called the customer service hotline, 631-8000 and the first agent who answered hung up on me aftet asking what my concern was. She probably didn’t know what to do with my issue. I called again and waited on the queue, then I spoke to someone named Catherine Catamison. She advised me that she generated a report and forwarded it to the ATM Unit. She provided a reference number that I can use in case I would make a follow-up. She told me that it would take a maximum of 5 banking days for the money to be credited back to me. 5 banking days!! Their machine took my money in less than 5 minutes and they’ll give it back in 5 banking days!! I never experienced this kind of bullshit with the BPI Express Deposit Machine! If only my friend had a BPI account I wouldn’t have made any transaction with BDO! Because in BDO, they find ways.. to steal their clients’ money!!! Their inefficiency has caused too much anxiety on me, and hassle on my planned activities!! 

I sent them an email at when I got home, to complain about their poor service. In my mind I was hoping they would expedite the resolution to my issue, but I was also doubting if they would even care. 

Here’s the copy of the email I sent them:


Hello BDO people,

Tonight, January 3, 2016, at around 8:30pm I went to BDO in Ecotower Bonifacio Global City. I was supposed to deposit money to another person’s account using the Cash Accept Machine. So I chose cardless transcation, keyed in the account number and chose Peso Savings. I put the money on the machine (Php 9300) and then it gave an error saying “account does not exist”. It was then that my friend told me that the account number was for a Cash Card and not for a Peso Savings Account. The machine just kept on making weird sounds and as I was waiting for it to dispense my money, I was only able to get Php 100.00!!! So I went to the lobby of the building and called your customer service hotline, 631-8000. The first agent I spoke with literally hung up on me! How professional! So I dialled again and waited on the queue, and O was able to speak with an agent named Catherine Catamison (not sure if I spelled it correctly) and she gave me a reference number 511391740. I told her to just deposit my money to my cash card account instead of my friend’s because I won’t be able to make a follow up if it wouldn’t be under my account. So then she mentioned that it would take 5 banking days before you credit my money back to me!! WOW BDO!!! Just how many ways can you find?! I needed the money for tomorrow but you people will give it back to me in 5 banking days!!!! I am sending this email to complain about your CAM inefficiency!!! How can you do this to your clients?! Haven’t you even thought about the people’s needs?! Haven’t it even crossed your minds that what if people need the money for an emergency?! What if the uncredited money was the only money left of us?! How are we supposed to get by for 5 banking days?! How can you say that in BDO, we find ways?!?! Where are your ways in 5 banking days?! Your machine ate up my money in a span of less than 5 minutes, and you’re giving it back in 5 banking days!! How efficient, BDO!!! 
I want my money to be credited back to me tomorrow!!! Your poor service is causing too much hassle in my planned activities!!! 
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11 thoughts on “BDO Cash Accept Machine ate up my money!!!

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      1. hello ms. jappy! BDO CASH ACCEPT MACHINE CARD ate my 40k! they also told me that they will credit the money to my account after an investigation after 5 banking days. did they send your money back to your account or to your friend’s account?


      1. after 5 banking days, did you check your account balance first before you called them? or the other way around?


  2. they already credited it to my account! wow! only within 3 banking days! i think! thank GOD!thanks to BDO as well! they really find ways, LOL, i swear I would NEVER EVER use that CAM again! thanks to this blog post jappy! i thought i was alone! keep on blogging!


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