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I don’t work for free.

I have been working for a company for 1 year and 4 months now. There hasn’t been any major problems until January 28, 2016. My salary was put on hold without any valid reason at all. It was a mistake on the management’s part, but I was the one who suffered. I kept on asking the HR team why, but they couldn’t give me any explanation. Imagine just how disappointing it could be when all your colleagues received their salary while you did not. Just plain unfair. Everyday I kept on making a follow up to somehow expedite the release of my delayed salary, but nothing happened. It still took 7 calendar days before I received my salary.

After the issue I heard nothing from the HR Team. I emailed them asking for an explanation but I received no response. I let it pass.

On the February 15 payday, I got my salary. Yay! No more problems, I thought.

Yesterday, February 27, my colleagues received their salaries. To my shock, my salary was put on hold AGAIN. I seriously don’t understand what’s happening. It’s so tiring to have to talk to them again, to wait for their answers, to wait for the release of my yet again delayed salary.

I do not work for free. I have a family to feed and I have bills to pay. I wouldn’t be going to work everyday if I were filthy rich. I am not a relative of Henry Sy or Lucio Tan or the Ayalas. I wouldn’t be wasting 9 hours a day, 5 days a week if I don’t need money. I applied for a job because I need it.

I should’ve just left the company last month when they put my salary on hold for the first time. I was really planning to; I was just waiting for the hearing with NLRC to take place on March 11. I never expected that this would happen to me again.

It’s true that experience is the worst teacher. It gives the test before presenting the lesson. Lesson learned? I will NEVER work for an inefficient, heartless company ever again.

How would you feel if your salary was put on hold twice? Will you not be mad? Will you still have a positive outlook towards your company? I don’t think it’s wrong to get mad for not getting your salary. Besides, it’s the main reason why we applied for a job. We don’t work just to pass time. We work because we need money. I would be travelling the world if I just wanted to pass time. It is my right to express how I feel towards the bullshit that’s been happening to me in that company. I don’t owe anyone an apology for saying what I wanted to say. I am the one affected. I have all the rights to vent out my feelings on whatever outlet I may have.




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