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Office Halloween Party 2016 Fail

With Halloween around the corner, different halloween parties are being prepared by companies, schools, malls, hotels, and other business establishments.

In the company I work for, they organized a halloween party for both the employees and the kids of employees. The HR Team sent out an email to us last Friday which said that there will be a Halloween party for kids on October 25, Tuesday at 4pm. I sent a message to one of our HR to confirm if my 18-month old son can join, and she said yes. 

So yesterday, October 25, my partner and I brought our son to the office wearing his Buzz Lightyear costume. We arrived at 3:30pm because the party would start at 4pm as written on the email.

We asked the security guards where the party venue was, and they all said that the party was held on Monday, October 24. I showed them the email tha said the party is on October 25. We were on the 14th floor then, and one of the security guards told us to go to the 8th floor reception area. So we did, and the receptionist said the same thing. She called the HR and asked us to wait for a few minutes. After 5 minutes, another HR    personnel approached us and apologized. He said there was just an error with the date on the email that was sent to us.

I sent a chat through Messenger to our HR who confirmed that my son can join, and she only apologized to me and said that the email she sent had an error. She said she sent another email but I’m sure there was none as I didn’t receive anything. She then told me to bring my son to their office so they can give him treats. I didn’t bother going so I told her we had to go home. 

It was such a disappointment that we exerted effort to go there. I also didn’t like what the HR said. I didn’t bring my son there for the treats. I can buy him treats anytime. I was after the fun that my son would experience. I wanted him to mingle and play with other kids in cute costumes. I wanted him to have his first halloween party. But it all failed because of the wrong date on the email.

I won’t ever join any company activities or events anymore because this same scenario might just happen again. 

We’ll just go to the Halloween Event in Starmall Shaw on Saturday so that my son will experience trick-or-treating. 



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