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Rude GrabCar Driver

This morning, I booked a GrabCar because I was in a hurry. It was almost 5am, and my shift at work starts at 6am.


I booked at around 4:51am. I used the promo code NIGHTSHIFT to have 50% discount on the total fare. The promo code was valid. I used it because I received a notification from Grab yesterday regarding that promo code, including GRAB100 and MIDDAY. So at 4:54am, someone accepted my booking. He was 7 minutes away. So I waited for him to arrive, and then when he reached the destination as I’ve seen on the pin, I went outside the house to walk to the barangay hall because that’s where I set the pin, which is just 1 meter away from my house. The thing is, my house address doesn’t appear on the pin on Grab so I had to set the pin to the nearest landmark. Anyway, he called me through my phone and asked me where I was. I said I was almost there, then he said he’s in a different location. I told him that I can see from the pin on my Grab app that he is indeed in my pinned location. But he insisted that he is on a different street, then he dropped the call and cancelled my booking. I have this feeling that he intentionally did that because he knew that the promo code NIGHTSHIFT ends at 5am.

So what happened next? I had no time to book for another GrabCar or Uber because I might be late so I just took the tricycle in front of me and I took the jeepney going to work. It was such a hassle. I’ve never experienced anything like this with Uber. I usually am an Uber rider. I only booked a GrabCar this morning because of the promo code that I thought I could use.

I don’t know why GrabCar drivers are so rude. This isn’t the first time that I experienced a GrabCar drive cancelling my booking because I had a promo code. Also, it takes longer to book a GrabCar than Uber because GrabCar drivers are more choosy because they can see the rider’s destination. Unlike with Uber, the drivers won’t see your destination until you’ve been picked up. GrabCar drivers are also cold and rude to riders when we use a promo code. I don’t know why Grab keeps on sending riders some promo codes when their drivers don’t like it at all.

I also have coworkers who have complaints against GrabCar drivers. They’ve sent their complaints through email but they’ve never received any response. I also sent my complaint earlier just to document it, and I hope with fingers crossed that they’ll take action. But nevertheless, I’m posting this blog to vent out my feelings because it really made me mad. The last thing I’d want to happen when I’m in a rush is to have a cancelled booking and talk to a rude driver who is also a big liar.

I don’t think I’ll ever book a GrabCar again. I’ll just stick with Uber even when I receive promo codes from Grab. I don’t need those promo codes if I’ll just get rudeness from drivers in return.



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