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Scary Taxi Driver

It seems like I didn’t have my luck with meeting nice drivers today.

This afternoon after my work, I was supposed to book an UberX going home, but I had a very slow internet connection. There were a few taxis, however, so I thought I’d just ride a taxi. The first taxi that I hailed didn’t want to take me to my location because, according to him, it was traffic. It was a Toyota Vios, I forgot to take the plate number.

The second taxi that I hailed let me in. It was a Toyota Innova with plate number UWA-735. The operator/company name was 801 Taxi, if I remember correctly. While we were on our way, he was just quiet. Then when we got to C5 Waterfun after 15 minutes, it got a little traffic because of the unfinished road construction. The taxi driver started raising his voice. He asked me in a rude manner if we’re almost at my destination. I told him that we were almost there. But he kept on repeating the same question and complaining how heavy the traffic was, like he was trying to scare me. Of course I got scared. I didn’t talk back because I was thinking that he might have a gun or a knife with him and he might attack me. So I took a picture of his taxi’s plate number. I wasn’t able to take his picture or ID, or even the operator/company name because I was afraid that he might notice me and attack me for taking pictures. He shouted at me when he asked for directions. He even complained that my house was too far from my office. 

I wanted to stop in front of the 5 policemen who were standing outside the police station near our house, I wanted to report the taxi driver. But I was too tired and stressed from work so I chose to just go straight home. I paid the exact amount of Php124.00 because if I give him like Php150.00, I’m sure he wouldn’t give me any change because that’s how taxi drivers are in the Philippines. I just got out of the taxi as soon as I paid then I just cried my heart out when I entered the door of my house.

So much for rude-driver-encounters today! 😩🆘



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