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Another Rude GrabCar Driver Story

Last night at 6pm, we went to Robinson’s Galleria in Ortigas because my partner had to get his GetGo card from the Cebu Pacific ticketing office. He didn’t want to drive because of the traffic, so we just booked an UberX. 

After getting his GetGo card, we went to cd-r king buy a new charger for my phone, then we went to Toys ‘R Us to buy some new toys for Jaden. We walked around the mall then my partner saw one of his old friends so they had a little chit-chat. We then had dinner at Pizza Hut.

It was almost 9pm when we finished eating, then we went to the department store and Payless Shoesource to look for new shoes to buy. Jaden got a little grumpy because he was probably already tired, so we decided to go home.

I told my partner that I’ll book an UberX, then he said that Grab sent him a promo code NIGHTSHIFT that he can use to have 50% discount from the total fare. I told him that Grab drivers are rude when riders use promo codes, but he insisted on booking a GrabCar. So I let him do so. 

5 minutes after he booked, a driver accepted the booking. Based on the Grab app, he was 10 minutes away. We waited for him outside TGI Friday’s. My partner sent him a text message asking where he was, but he receieved no response. He tried to call the driver, but the driver wasn’t picking up. He tried to call the driver again, and this time the driver’s phone was unreachable. Obviously, he turned off his phone. After 5 minutes, my partner tried to call him again and he picked up. He said that his phone “hung” and the booking was “cancelled in error.” I knew what was happening. I talked to the driver and told him that I know he cancelled the booking on purpose because of the promo code. He then said that he didn’t do it on purpose then he dropped the call and turned off his phone. Another time got wasted because of a Grab driver. AGAIN.

I know that this has been going on because GrabCar drivers hate promo codes. I’m a member of one of their Facebook group pages, and I can read all of their complaints regarding the promo codes. One driver even called riders “promo-whores.” Some said that those people who use promo codes are mere social climbers. Then I read one comment saying that he automatically cancels the booking when he sees a promo code. And when his cancellation rate rises, he accepts the booking then cancels after a few minutes, and tells the rider that his phone battery got drained or the Grab app hung and the booking was cancelled in error. They do everything to avoid promo codes because, according to them, they can’t convert it to cash.

It’s such a shame how rude GrabCar drivers can be. Grab keeps on giving promo codes to riders but the drivers keeps on cancelling bookings with promo codes which only cause too much hassle and waste of time for riders.

After that incident, my partner booked for another GrabCar which was accepted after 2 minutes. He didn’t cancel the booking so we were able to ride a GrabCar going home. The driver, however, didn’t give us the exact change amount. Our total bill was Php172. I paid Php200 and he gave me only Php20.00 change. I know that 9pesos is only a small amount but it was the driver’s respect and integrity that we were looking at. So it seems he was a former taxi driver that’s why he’s like that. I’ve had enough unfortunate experiences with GrabCar drivers. 

Never again, Grab. Never again.



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