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Baked by Andie Cakes & Pastries

Let me write a short blog about my favorite cake baker, Baked by Andie. 

I have always loved cakes ever since I was a kid. An occassion is never complete without one. We all know that fondant cakes are quite expensive, but they look really cute on pictures especially when the design matches the motif or theme of the occassion.

When we were preparing for Jaden’s dedication, I wanted to order a fondant cake but I didn’t want to shell out more than Php10,000 for a 2-tier cake. So I joined this group on Facebook, Party Plans and Ideas, and I posted that I’m looking for a fondant cake for my son’s dedication day. I got many offers, but I got interested in Baked by Andie ( because she had good reviews on her Facebook business page, plus she charges cheaper than other bakers who commented on my post. 

So Andie and I exchanged messages on Facebook. I sent her a picture of the cake that I wanted to order. She said she takes orders 2 weeks prior to the event, but she gave me consideration when I booked on May 20, 2015 and I needed the cake on May 30, 2015. I ordered a 2-tier cake with 24 pieces of cupcakes, and she sold it to me for only Php3,500. She offers free delivery within Metro Manila. When I got the cake on the day of the event, I was totally suprised that she exceeded my expectations! The cake was more beautiful than the one on the picture I sent her, and it was delicious. All of my visitors loved the cake. It was also heavy, which means that the dough is really full. It was quite cheap for Php3,500 considering the quality of the design and taste. 

After 10 months (March 2015), we were preparing for Jaden’s 1st birthday, so of course there had to be a fondant cake again. It was just a small party with our family and relatives though, but I still wanted to have a fondant cake to complete the celebration. Of course, I ordered from Baked by Andie again because I totally loved the cake she baked for us before. I ordered a 2-tier Mickey Mouse cake (I sent her another picture that I grabbed from Google images), but only the bottom layer was edible. The top layer wasn’t edible. I didn’t want the cake to go to waste so I just ordered a small one because I didn’t invite too many people. The cake was sold to me for Php1,300, if I remember correctly. And of course, it was a bomb! The design was perfect and the taste got me smiling while eating. 

Another year has passed and we were preparing for Jaden’s 2nd birthday. Jaden loves Boboi Boy, the Malaysian soccer player cartoon character from Disney Channel, so I decided to order a Boboi Boy fondant cake for him. I sent a picture of the cake to Andie. The cake had Boboi Boy toys on top, however, she couldn’t find any Boboi Boy toys because it’s not very popular in the Philippines. So she suggested that she’ll just have the Boboi Boy characters printed out and she’ll put it on top of the cake, and she will follow the rest of the design on the picture. We both agreed and I ordered it for Php1,500. She delivered the cake to my office on March 30, 2017. I was with my co-worker when I got it, and even my co-worker thought the cake design was really beautiful and price was cheap. So she got Baked by Andie’s Facebook business page and she told me that she’ll order cakes from Baked by Andie on the next occassion that her family will celebrate.

Baked by Andie never fails to amaze me with the design and taste of every cake that I order, so I’ve become her regular buyer. I’m currently 5 months pregnant, so yeah I’ll have more occassions to celebrate when I give birth, which means more orders from Baked by Andie! 😍😁



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